When you commit to one on one time with you and your Self, you can really grow through milestones. You can evolve so quickly by simply being with yourself and nurturing a loving bond with yourself. This includes anything like having positive self- dialogue when you are thinking to yourself and interacting with yourself. Asking yourself what do you need from You, and following through by giving yourself what you do need. It’s about learning to value yourself, even if it takes endless practice. I know this one was a hard one for me with struggling from low self-worth most of my life growing up. But with effort and faith, anything is possible.

You can work on your relationship with yourself by being a better listener to yourself. And not only focusing on what you need but do focus your energy on what you do want. You’re already well aware of what you don’t want and the negative feelings that those thoughts may bring you. I don’t think it’s entirely negative as these thoughts will direct you in what you do want. So focus your energy more on the positives. Like instead of thinking about how much you hate your job, focus more on the types of jobs you would prefer and focus on applying for them.

Practice nourishing your soul with the healthy ingredients it may be craving. Whether that’s a bath, stretching, trying yoga or even a few minutes trying to meditate. Sometimes our body is begging us for a break. Just so that our soul cal rejuvenate itself and come back feeling recharged. Feeling more whole within. You see, the more you love yourself is directly proportionate to how you can love others. What you do unto yourself, you will do unto others.

For more information on starting your self-love journey, check out my yoga eBook here called:–a-self–love-experience

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