Inner Strength

People who know me pretty well may attest to how strong I am as a person. Now of course I have my weaknesses and I’m very far from perfect. Internal strength is something I do pride myself on. I pride myself on this because it takes balls to believe you are strong. To believe nothing will ever knock you down. Because you truly do know your strength and you know you will always fight back harder. You don’t let life get the best of you because what you are made of in your very essence is infinite strength.
I have had to overcome adversity at a very young age. And do I think this made me a stronger person? Sure. But I think inner strength is individually developed by the person and their soul. It’s a like a muscle you choose to cultivate and then build up. I believe it is a choice to choose to be strong because you can give any two people the same situation and they will most likely handle it differently. Life is about being strong. You did not come here to be weak. So I’m here to tell you that whatever you are facing, fight. No matter what it is. Fight for your rights, fight to stand up, fight to stand tall. You deserve it and you are made of this infinite energy called strength.
So you may ask how does one build inner strength? You’ve gotta go where you may not want to go. If that means looking at what scares you and challenging yourself to go through it, then do it. If it means forcing yourself to get up out of bed everyday, just so you can make it through and not sulk all day, do it. If it means giving yourself positive pep talks all throughout the day in the manner of “I am the greatest version of myself.  am becoming better from this and not bitter. I am growing into a better person every day. I am lovable. I am authentic. I can do anything I put my mind to. I am strong. I am confident. I have godfidence. I have God in me. That’s really what godfidence means. It means you have so much faith in God, you are beyond confident in all things- you are godfident.  Nothing can conquer me if I stand with God,” then do just that. You do that and just watch how much true confidence you build. Watch how much courage you gain. Listen, you’ve gotta be your #1 fan all day, everyday! You’ve got to motivate yourself. You’ve got to pick yourself up. Especially when you are down and low.
I have found through personal experience that we are strong enough to handle every and any thing that may come our way. Even the people that decide to commit suicide or are suicidal, if only they tried a little harder to fight for their soul, they too could overcome anything they put their mind to. And I know this from being very suicidal twice in my life. Sometimes the Universe will bring you assistance from unbelievable sources when you need it the most. Trust that. Trust that the Universe does actually have your back. I mean it Created you. Why wouldn’t It do everything to help you evolve and grow as beautifully as you can?
Call and tune into the inner strength that lies within you. It is a well of infinity with a plethora of unending strength literally at your disposal whenever you are in need. Simply bring courage and faith to this infinite well within your being and you can find limitless strength.

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