Quotes from Believe in Your Soul by Vanessa LeMaistre

Book “Believe in Your Soul,” by Vanessa LeMaistre is coming soon. Look out for the self- transformational book that will move you and allow you to be the best and truest version of yourself and see things from a unique perspective.

-“Shit, the reason why you have confidence is because b/c you chose to be born into this life. “

-“I had to get in tune with myself and keep my chin up high. I had to find the resources within myself.”

-“Worrying won’t help the situation, now will it?”

-“Whatever you love will love you back.”

-“No one said that your life had to be perfect, so stop trying to make it that way. Then maybe you will see that it’s perfect just the way it is. At least right now it is.”

-“Your soul knows no fear.” Amy Fulmer

–“If you die, you die to see God again.. then what’s the problem? What’s there to fear?”

-“In order to truly give, you have to be able to receive.”

-“Once you tap into your soul, you are tapping into infinite possibilities; infinite potential. “

-“Because the truth is, we do not know the future. Anything can happen at any given time. Sometimes good things and sometimes challenging things. That’s a part of reality that is beyond our control. How we decide to cope with life and move forward is always truly in our power.”

-“Let it go & be done with it. If it comes up in your mind again, let it go and don’t focus on it right now when it already passed and you’re currently living in the now… away from the hurt and betrayal. And besides, w/e you focus on, you are giving your power to. Ask yourself what are you going to give your power to right now? And choose yourself. Be your most powerful self, right now. Being present is the only time you can stand in your power.”

-“Accepting life is about looking at all the beauty around you. Accepting you may not have what you hope for right this second but knowing that it is still possible to get it. Anything is possible for we have yet to complete life. As long as life is still going on, there are always limitless possibilities.”

-“And for what is life if you are not grinding your ass off?! What are you here doing?
Are you handicap? And if you are, what can you be doing? What can you create for yourself? Frida Kahlo, one of my favorite artists of all time was paralyzed when she created some of her best known work. What can you do? When there is a will, there is always a way.”

-“Positivity is key, Universe align with me.”

– I feel like the reason why I felt so disconnected with myself is because I allowed the opinion of others to be more valuable and important than my own.”

-“I’m beautiful, you’re beautiful, we’re all beautiful.”-“The more I allow myself to not have to be beautiful, the more beautiful I become.”

-“Every present moment pay attention to your behavior, thoughts & words. The way you are acting now is setting up the pathway for how you will be habitually acting later and you’re basically creating a lifestyle for yourself every waking moment.

-“Have no fear, God is here.”

-“If you’re not being true to yourself then who are you being true to?”

-“Once you tap into your soul, you are tapping into infinite possibilities; infinite potential.

-When life gets tough, that’s a queue for you to get stronger.

-“For everything exists only within yourself. Nothing really exists outside of you. Sure you can see things as they are happening and they appear as though they are outside of you, but where are you witnessing them from? From inside of yourself. Everything you are experiencing is happening within yourself- uniquely to only you.”

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