Self-care/ Self-love Rituals “You can do anytime your soul craves.”

1. An intense ritual to recharge and reconnect with yourself. This works very will with integrating what comes up and spending time on reflection afterwards. You can mix up the order of these steps or add whatever you would like, this is YOUR self-care practice:
     -Start by lighting incense, sage, palo santo (all three if you like, ) and cleanse the area and yourself before you begin.
      -Next set an intention for what you want to come from this healing ritual and that is in alignment with where you currently are in your life.
      – Sit in meditation for 5-20 minutes. Just silence with yourself. It’s okay if your mind is racing. The point is to just be with yourself and see what you’re feeling and what’s coming up for you. Don’t judge this process. Just be with you. Sending love and light to your aura, body and internal soul.
      -Write down what comes up. Reflect. Reason.
      – Set a salt bath for yourself. Whole foods sells specific salts made with natural herbs for specific things such as rejuvenation, heal, stress relief, etc.
2. Mirror work: Whenever doing mirror work, practice looking into your eyes, and even deeper than that into the depths of your soul. This may be very uncomfortable at first but it will get easier and more interesting with time.
    – State positive affirmations to yourself in the mirror.
    – Practice forgiving others in front of the mirror. Have a whole conversation and say that particular persons name so you can release these emotions.
     – Practice admiring yourself in front of the mirror. Dress up, pose, talk to yourself positively in front of the mirror, jump up and down, have a heart to heart if you feel the need to with your self.
      -Change the lens of how you see yourself through mirror exercises. For instance, if you want to see yourself as a CEO, start envisioning yourself this way as you look at yourself in front of the mirror. Kind of like the image of the guy looking at himself in the mirror and he sees the face of a lion instead. ( you can add that image from google here.)
     -Practice smiling in front of the mirror. For a long time. Don’t focus on any negatives about your appearance, instead just focus on smiling from the inside out :).
3. Dance your heart away.
    -Dance to music you love, loud beats, just allow yourself to be free
    – Dancing is very healing because it allows you to move stagnant energy from all areas of your entire body.
     -There is something liberating about dancing not caring if anyone is around, you are just doing you, being you, while loving your experience of you.
      -I personally love doing this to India Arie’s song “Private Party,” because it allows me to celebrate me for me.
4. Practice journaling
    -Write whatever your heart desires and express yourself truly.
    – Keep your journals so that in a year or two you can look back and see how far you have come.

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