1st Experience in a Shamanic Sweat Lodge.

      I didn’t know what to expect. My friend Gerald and I were spent! We literally just finished traveling a solid 33 hours in the span of less than 2 days, all the way from DC to Sedona. We literally put our bags down at our Airbnb and then headed straight to Rahelio. He’s the local shaman who believes he was called to do his work in that town. He makes a living giving tourists a 3 hour tour plus ceremonial experience if interested. He is of indigenous descent and is honestly in a great place to be doing this type of work. 1. people need to experience this type of healing. 2. the small town occupies around 11,000 residents but receives over 3 million tourists annually.

      We get to Rahelio’s place and this is after he called us twice since we were running late. He said there were people there waiting already. A woman approached us and showed us where the towels were and where to undress. I quickly took my dress off and already had my swimsuit underneath. I did however forget the memo about water and I definitely felt it later. Once we walked into the tent, he started the ceremony. He introduced the 4 centers of the wheel (the Medicine Wheel representing the four directions east, south, west and north all representing different elements.) He explained that he would incorporate each direction with its natural element and that we would go around in energy. He began to  continuously light coal and throw water over it in a ritualistic way. He then took a full turkey’s winged feather and and blew the hot air on all of us.

      He started speaking with an introduction for us to all come into prayer and openness with one another and state a little bit about what was on our chest. It was rather beautiful. He then started with North, the element of air, hence the turkey feather he was blowing on all of us, and focused on the properties such as clarity, discernment, the upper head space area, and wisdom. We each went around and stated a prayer and offered it to the spirit of the North. It was really getting hot. He opened the tent after each direction and  gave room for people who needed to get a bit of fresh air. I felt fine with the temperature because I love spending hours in the sauna. But omg was I parched?! Rahelio felt bad and kept offering me some of his delicious coconut water with fresh lime. It was very tasty, refreshing and I simply highly recommend you making this kind of concoction for yourself if you do decide to do a sweat lodge.

      He then went to the East, the properties of sun, illumination, creativity and then commenced everyone to say a prayer all of this really got people into it. I think hearing other people’s hearts expressions was so beautiful. As cheesy as that sounds, it really does cultivate open space for you to really dig within and pull it out for expression, healing, self love or to truly be heard. He gives a lot of reference to Mother Earth in the feminine sense and the the Great Spirit as the being that encompasses all. He repeats the same process for then South which represents water, trust, flow  and inner child. And lastly but definitely not least is West which represents introspection, the place of looking within, Mother Earth.

      That was another aspect I truly enjoyed about the healing ceremony is he really infused the divine energy of Mother Earth. This really was asking us all how do we connect with her and honor her? Especially as the times are changing now and are heading to a more feminine energy Universe. It’s time to balance out since we have been masculine energy dominant over the years but this was necessary in order to build the material 3d world we have now. But as Rahelio mentioned “it’s time to shift. We’re shifting to 5d and it’s going to be heaven on earth.” What better time than to be connecting to Mother Earth?

      What better time to be connecting with not only nature but with our inner selves. And really asking ourselves what is it that we feel? Pouring that into our Mother. She is here to recycle for us and sustain us as an entire planet. Why not spend time giving her thanks? Recycling for her like how she recycles for you? You see, the sweat lodge experience is a purging experience- it’s a detoxification. This kind of environment along with intention, truly cultivates the perfect healing space. Not to mention, the unbearable scorching hot temperature of the burning coal is really testing to your levels of patience and it’s rather symbolic. It symbolizes a release of all that no longer serves you, not just by physically feeling it but by emotionally, spiritually and psychologically releasing. It’s an all body purging experience. The powerful shamanic drum he has beating back and forth is intense as well just rumbling up everyones nervous system is insane! It makes you push past your limits with a quiet yet deep awareness that is silently witnessing the whole shocking yet deep experience.

     As soon as he finished the last and final direction, the West with the element of stone for the Earth, he went around one last time asking if anyone had any last final thoughts. Everyone gave their final pure thoughts and then we at our own pace, got ourselves out of the tent in a clockwise format out of respect to the Medicine Wheel. He had mats laid out on the grass in a hexagonal shape, similar to the shape of the tent, and when I tell you it was bliss. It felt so good to have just had that connection with the four directions, Mother Earth and now to feel the breeze as I gaze at the brightest stars I’ve ever seen? There are like no city lights in Sedona, and everything closes by 9. At this time, it was close to 10. We were so moved by the experience and lifted into another dimension, we accidentally forgot to pay Rahelio. He was cool about it and didn’t trip :).

Let me know if you have any questions regarding the shamanic sweat lodge.  I hope you try it someday with a shaman! Cheers guys. Xo.



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