Thinking About Getting a Massive Tattoo? How About a Healing Tattoo?

      I didn’t know there was such thing as a healing tattoo until once on my Instagram someone commented and asked “did you notice any spiritual changes after you had this done?” That’s when I real-eyes’d I did. I had a life changing dream one night shortly after finishing my 2nd session out of three. In my dream I saw a light skinned black woman with a short blonde hairdo. Her back had Auset. The original name for Goddess Isis. Her back tattoo was much more filled than mine as it covered the entire diameter of her back. It was a beautiful piece. I remember being in awe at it because it really resembled a colorful mural to me.

      I complimented the woman and told her I loved her back piece. She thanked me but got very very emotional. She apologized for crying and told me “I’m sorry I just get so emotional when people can see I’m Her.” The dream continued into adventures happening  in other astral areas. Then I returned to my room in the dream. My brother was actually in town (in real life,) sleeping on the air mattress next to my bed. So in my dream, I see him there etc. But then I also see a colorful, with dark hints stuffed falcon hanging on my windowsill. I heard some mystical, slow, almost romantic music playing in the background and all of a sudden the stuffed bird starts slowly flapping its wings. It comes flying slowly right towards me. I tried calling out to my brother but I had sleep paralysis and could not speak. The bird kept flying closer and closer slowly while the  rhythmic mystical music was playing until it finally got right up to my face and flew right into my mouth. I felt like I had no control. Finally after an internal battle of trying to wake up, I was able to yell out my brother’s name “John!” and that’s when I woke up.

      I had no idea what that dream meant but I knew it meant something. It wasn’t until I was at my 3rd tattoo session when I mentioned this whole ordeal to my tattoo artist Corinne. And that’s when she said what I just said “that happens to me sometimes, I have dream that I know means something but I don’t know exactly what it means.” In that same exact moment, it dawned on me like an instant flash of illuminating knowledge- the meaning of my dream was that I was ingesting the bird in symbolism of me ingesting the goddess herself. Like the woman earlier in my dream who stated that she was getting emotional because I could detect that she was Auset.. I too was becoming Auset myself.

      So to answer the comment regarding my back piece if I’ve noticed any spiritual changes since this tattoo? Absolutely! Only that I have incarnated as Goddess Auset/ Isis. But no seriously, it was a very healing experience in and of itself. My connection and personal relationship with Auset had developed so much. My relationship within myself, my inner self and my self-confidence has evolved, immensely. When people honor the essence of a particular deity or god or goddess, it doesn’t mean that you are actually worshiping that god or deity. It simply means that you are tapping into their energy. They are all archetypes of what us humans have the potential of being. They are conscious living energies that exist for us to tap into energetically. We are all energy , and although our energies may be unique, there are no limits to the frequencies we can access. So do I believe I have invoked the Goddess herself? Absolutely, without a doubt.


Let me know your thoughts. Would you be willing to think of a tattoo you would want to get symbolizing the archetype you feel you would be ready to invoke? Cheers! Xo


p.s. There’s better photos of the sacred artwork on my Ig: vanessasoulxo & a video on my youtube channel showing a glimpse of my sessions at:

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