Magical Sedona, Arizona

It was June 1st, when my friend Gerald and I drove from DC to Sedona, Az. He was dropping me off to Colorado and then flying back to D.C. We wanted a few days in Sedona since we had anticipated going for months. It was such a joy to know that the day had finally arrived. It was a relief to know that we were about to have a mini private retreat and we would be entering some powerful healing aspects. Sedona is known for having 4 main vortexes at specific canyons all mapped out for tourists to experience the energy themselves. Sedona has a population of roughly 10,000 people but each year it attracts nearly 3 million tourists.

They say that whatever intentions you bring to Sedona will magnify, so be careful what you ask for and make sure your intention is on the positive side. I’ve heard it can work in the opposite way if your intent is negative. The vortexes exude such a powerful energy that you’re bound to feel some of this energy if you attune to do so. According to, vortexes are natural geomagnetic points creating a swirling energy center radiating from the earth’s surface. Many people have reported feeling inspired by these positive energy sources. They report benefits of healing, balance, prayer, intuitiveness, and the strengthening of the inner being of anyone who comes near these.

So after driving 33 hours and stopping in interesting places like Oklahoma City, Albuquerque, and the Petrified Forrest National Park, we finally approach the red rocks. The sight is breathtaking. But what’s even more breathtaking is the energy you begin to feel as you approach the city. There’s a quietness there but yet there’s so much energy. Gerald was saying he felt like he just got off of a plane. I felt like I had so much energy within my being it’s crazy.  We immediately put our bags down at our Airbnb and headed to a shamanic sweat lodge session. I literally felt like I could see the stars moving and twinkling a lot more than normal after that powerful session.

The next morning we woke up bright and early to get a special tour with a local shaman named Rahelio. He’s the same person who hosted our sweat lodge. The town is small so a lot of people know who he is. On our way out that morning to meet with him, our Airbnb host John gave us some cool sights off location that we should check out that most people don’t know about. (So much synchronicity goes on in this city,) The first place Rahelio takes us to is a hidden creek full of magic really. He guides us through a meditative journey, he plays his healing drum around all of us and has us rinse ourselves with the water. About 20 minutes after, who do we see? We see John, our Airbnb host there with his dog. I couldn’t believe my eyes lol. Anyway, I had this emotional issue I had been dealing with for a very long time come up during a meditation and I asked him about it. He, I swear to God, in 5 minutes performed a healing modality to get rid of what was bothering me and it was completely gone. It was so powerful. He asked me to check to see if I felt it anywhere in my body or anywhere emotionally and my honest answer was no.

We left the creek and he took us to one of the vortexes. On the way there he told us about his fascinating story about his awakening process. He mentioned how he was living in Hawaii and was guided to move to Sedona to do his work. He mentioned several alien sightings and mystical occurrences happening on his spiritual path. He also mentioned how he had times, especially when he first moved to Sedona, when he would wonder how would he make a living for himself doing the kind of work he was doing.

The time went by far too quickly I must say. Gerald and I felt like we were in the biggest toy store with all of our favorite candies. Sedona had all the crystals, psychics, feathers, rattles, shamanic drums, rare metaphysical artifacts, it’s crazy. After the tour we explored the town, we both had amazing readings done by wonderful lady. There’s literally a reader, healing space, something magical in that realm on every corner. So you know you’re getting the best of the best. We were impressed with the quality of everything. Later, someone gave us a map to another vortex called Bell Rock Vortex. We took the time to meditate while we trekked up a bit. We were fortunate enough to watch the sunset there, it was absolutely stunning.

Afterwards, we did struggle to find food as everywhere in the town closes by 9pm the latest. We lucked out and found one place that was open until 10 pm. The next morning we purchased a few items before heading out. My two favorite pieces I bought were a hand made glistening portrait of the goddess Het Heru a.k.a. Hathor. I also purchased my first shamanic drum. It is black and made with synthetic material as Rahelio was the ones made with animal skin tend to break easily. I wasn’t too crazy about the all black so I’ve painted a beautiful sun on the front. I really started embarking on my shamanic practicing career now, so what better way to celebrate this new healing craft I am beginning?

On our way out, we went to another creek we had seen when we first entered Sedona. Right across the street they had the best cafe called Indian Gardens Cafe & Market. We had the best breakfast and service out in their lovely back patio. Then we headed to the creek to do what we wanted to there which is wash and charge all of our crystals with the magical energy of Sedona.

Sedona is absolutely magical and breathtaking. Signs, messages, reflection and a feeling of being recharged will definitely happen there. Oh and I forgot to mention, it’s like spa city over there! Sedona is full of resorts and great spa treatments. If you’re ever looking for someplace to connect with nature, a breathtaking sight to see, wanting to simply witness some of the Creator’s wondrous manifestations, a place to sew positive seeds of intention, and be in a city full of powerful vortexes, visit Sedona, Az. It’s definitely one of my favorite places in the world, thus far. Go feel some beautiful magic.

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