Soul Healing

I’m currently practicing a modality of energy healing called Universal Grace Healing. We came up with this name to signify the beauty that lies in this particular form of divine healing. It’s a modality that was taught to me by a woman named Rachel Fox who founded She learned this through the gift of divining.  When she first did it to me, I was taken away. I cried. I remember telling her it was very simple but oh so profound. There was a sweetness there, a purity, a love. I felt it so subtly yet so deeply within my being. That’s when she told me it is a healing of grace. That that’s all she was doing is being a vessel to receive the grace and give it to the person.  So now when I do this practice, I come in as a clear channel. As she said-  a vessel to be used. I believe we are all vessels to be used in service in some shape or form. We each have a duty of the soul we specifically came here to fulfill.

Even more of a reason to get your routinely maintenance of soul healing. The same it’s important to exercise the body is the same way it’s important to nourish the soul. That includes healing. What I’ve noticed from going to receive healing is that the more open I am to it all, (and trusting the vibe I get from the person doing the bodywork of course,) the more the healing takes effect. It’s like life I guess. The more you trust in it, the more it works.

When you really think about it, when you go to get a healing from someone, it’s not really them healing you and taking all the credit for it. It is divine work going on between them and the spirit world on your behalf with the intent and purpose to bring in healing. Healer’s are simply the vessel to be used as a conduit between t he spirit world and this physical plane. Is this method alternative? Absolutely. However, there is more and more research being discovered about physicists not being able to tell the difference between different realities. Science is not able to prove that the spiritual realm is not real. Basically, the spirit world is just as real as the physical world that we see every day. Ask yourself why couldn’t it be and then watch how much you start to open up to.

Healing is something spiritual. Something of the spiritual realm. Don’t ever mistake a physical healer as being the one who is solely curing you with their physical hands and mind. An energy healer adds an extra realm which is the realm of spirit. Whether you identify this with prayer, source energy, the Universe, that is the entity the healer/ shaman is getting their assistance from. They must be able to connect with that realm and believe in it as is the one being healed  as well. If the person being healed does not believe in the power of being healed, then I believe the healing will not take place. If someone is 100% skeptical and they walk in saying to themselves over and over
” I don’t believe in this type of stuff, I’m not going to get healed by some energetic healing,” then I truly believe that person will not be healed. The subconscious mind is very powerful. The more open you are to the healing, the more you allow to take place; ultimately the more you will be healed and the more healing energy will be integrated into your life positively moving forward.

It is of just as much value to maintain and heal your spiritual body as is your mental and physical. The spirit and soul is housed within your body. It’s the place you go to underneath all the dramas of your life story. It is very closely tied to It’s the most intimate place for you to be with you. That part needs cleaning, retreating, connecting, understanding, integrating, nurturing, comforting, some good loving. So many of us have experienced trauma. Trauma stays with us at an energetic level. It does effect ones chakras which ultimately effect our spirit, mind, behavior, really everything in our lives. These experiences we may have had that have really hurt us remain in our subtle energy body fields that we carry around with us 24/7.  Why wouldn’t someone want to have this healed and renewed?

I suggest always doing things that make your soul feel good and thrive such as acupuncture, meditation, yoga, (I recently just started teaching yoga again. I’m super excited about this because I have a whole new perspective on yoga now that time and experience has happened,) exercise in general, detoxing, eating clean, spending time in nature, expressing yourself, seeing a therapist, my list can go on and on.

Anything healing to your soul will benefit you in the long run. It will also make the quality of your life better. You will better connect with you on a daily relationship and once your relationship is healthy between yourself, all your relationships will be healthy. You are what you attract.  And not to mention, why wouldn’t you want your inner self to be healthy? Healthy is being healed. I always say to listen to your soul and believe in it. Believe in the fact that you’re all of a sudden interested in alternative methods like this, maybe because your soul knows it’s for a reason you nay not know yet. But trust your souls validity. Trust the things you are being guided to find and come across. Trust the healing it wants you to get if that’s what you’re all of a sudden curious about. Your soul knows your journey in and out. Follow it. Xo


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