The Moldavite Experience!

Moldavite is not just a regular crystal that you normally meditate with and carry around sharing positive properties with you. No this is different.  It’s kind of like a magical stone. See Moldavite is a meteorite. It landed in the Czech Republic 15 million years ago. The way it collided with the heat of the Earth’s core is what gives it this glasslike appearance. Be careful if purchasing this stone because a lot of dealers are selling imitations. If you see  it look plasticky, completely smooth or with a way different shade of green. Honestly this is a great image of Moldavite and if you put your piece under the light, it should look like this picture above. Most vendors selling authentic Moldavite will not have a problem sharing with you an authentication of certification stating it’s real. (I’ll leave a good website you can trust to order from below. )

The stone is very rare as it can only be found if dug in the upper Vltava River; modern day eastern Czech Republic. It used to be passed amongst royals only. It’s properties are powerful and are of a higher dimension and frequency. It is said to be a really good stone for star seeds as they usually don’t feel at home on this planet as star seeds are For one, it’s not of this planet. You’re already starting off with something that is extraterrestrial. It’s powers are of a higher intelligence. It is stated to give you heightened spiritual ascension, rapid transformation, it is said to ease doubts,  is is a green stone associated with the heart center so it is said to heal areas of the heart. This may include bringing up painful emotional wounds that are needing to be healed and released. Moldavite will help cultivate this in your life. It will also dramatically shift things around and make your life totally different. Depending on what needs to happen to assist your personal journey to evolving. The other cool thing about this stone is it’s a talisman.

Because it does carry extraterrestrial energies, it has a very intense energy about it. It is definitely not a stone for everyone. i remember during my first encounter with it, the owner of the crystal shop told me she doesn’t normally advise people to get the stone. I told her that once I picked it up i could feel an intense energy. I felt it all throughout my energy. That is when she replied and said “oh you’re sensitive,” she then went on to telling me why she doesn’t normally recommend this stone (tektite is the proper term for meteorites used as energy giving stones in the crystal world.) “I let my mom wear this stone and she got sick from it. Her body couldn’t handle the strong energy from the stone.” She said it gave her mother a very painful migraine.

She wasn’t lying because although I didn’t get a migraine from it, it did make me feel nauseated at first and I remember only being able to wear it for a couple of hours a at a time. I also brought some bath salts made from the resin of Moldavite and omg talk about an intense bath! I used to be gasping for air ready to get out just because I was over the intensity of it all.  She did also mention not to wear the stone when you’re not in such a good mood because it will amplify that but definitely do so when you are in a good mood as it will amplify that as well.

So I’ve had Moldavite twice. The first time was a small tiny piece I purchased from the woman I mentioned above. It came with the certification but not like I needed that label when feeling it told me all I needed to know about it being a real meteorite with these special qualities. When I look back at the time I had my first tiny yet oh so powerful piece, the biggest change that happened in my life was that I left an amazing job working for a Ferrari dealership. Not only was the job amazing, but I worked with the best staff. Definitely a tough decision to come to terms with. However I left as I was following the callings of my soul and my Higher Purpose. I left to go work at a really amazing crystal/meditation/yoga studio that also sold spiritual gifts. Now that was a big change for me.

Now my second time with this stone has been crazy! I feel like literally everything in my life has changed. Every single component that can be changes has changed. I changed my hair to blonde but that’s normal for me. I also changed states, I moved from Takoma Park, MD (I randomly lived there temporarily,) to Boulder, Co. I drove across the country twice in the span of a two week period. I turned in my lease of a BMW to a downsized standard hatchback (that’s a whole other story in itself.) I enrolled in school to obtain a masters degree in a really kick ass program called “Resilient Leadership.” I started my own healing practice called Universal Grace Healing. I’m going next weekend to get trained in a shamanic workshop . I live in a new house obviously but it’s a really cool new house with really cool roommates and I actually like being home here and cooking etc.  I’ve had some really cool new experiences like meeting Bob Marley’s first cousin not even a week ago.

These aren’t even the really big ones. Before I left the DC area, out of nowhere I met a woman who told me she was performing at the Monument in downtown Washington D.C. I asked her if I could open up for her with a motivational speech as I’m an aspiring motivational speaker and she said yes! Unbelievable. At that time I had only had my Moldavite for 3 weeks. Within a week later I connected with an elementary school in Baltimore that agreed to let me bring my new non-profit “Kamden’s Room” to their school.l They allowed us to donate brand new books to the students and give them 10 minutes of guided meditation along with fresh fruit for them to snack on. It was such a pivotal moment for “Kamden’s Room,” as it was our first official location we donated to.

It’s not all peachy. The first few days I started wearing my latest piece (it’s a lot bigger than the first and it’s wire wrapped so I usually wear it around my neck,) I felt very sick. I kept feeling like I had to lay down. It made me feel kind of dizzy. But I was being stubborn and kept pushing past all that and convinced myself to still wear it anyway. It has definitely brought up some icky stuff from deep within; like deep within the deep roots of wounds. During the time I wore my Moldavite regularly, I was being faced with a lot of inner child healing. A lot of wounds related to my first chakra and my upbringing/dynamics. Forgiveness was also a big theme with Moldavite in my life. I guess for everyone it will be different. One things for sure is it will cause you to go deep within yourself and look at some parts that will demand you to be brave. It will bring the murky up to the surface so you can look at it, heal from it, and release it. Probably so it can let so many new things into your life with all the change but it is a stone known to purge you.

If you start to feel like your stone is not working very much at the moment, it’s probably been working so hard purging negativity within you and all around you that it needs a break. Sometimes a break does not mean you can’t wear it. It just might need some rejuvenating time like how we all need a retreat from time to time. What I’ve found as the best way to cleanse your Moldavite is to rinse it in muddy water. Since it landed deep into the dirt so many centuries ago, that is like a sense of home for it. That was its home for the longest time. Getting it in the dirt and rinsed with natural water will do just the trick to bring it right back to life. Laying it out in the sun also charges and cleanses this stone very well. It’s almost as if the sun gives it a certain type of vibrancy from the energy it is emanating and meshing with this particular tektite. Give it some tender loving care and it will give it right back to you. Bond with your Moldavite and spend a lot of time with it. It is very much a mind of its own as someone once put it, they view it as their pet. Honestly, each piece has its own personality and energy. You will notice once you connect with this amazing and transformative stone.

Your dreams get crazy, you feel more intuitive, you experience more synchronicity, your meditations feel more intense, you feel a power with you as you wear the stone with you throughout the day. You will kind of feel like your life is moving quickly because of all of the change. You will build courage with this stone because it is not for the faint of heart. You will have more of a rebuttal when people or situations challenge you. This stone will rock your world and all you need with it is 3 weeks to start seeing positive changes. Because remember it is also a good luck charm- it’s a real life talisman. You’ll notice good things will start to happen randomly you’ll have some kind of magic happening within your days. Also I believe when ones soul is calling them to work with Moldavite, I think it is the time of their life when the harvest has begun and it’s time to start reaping the benefits of the seeds you have sewed.

This is what’s also crazy about this stone is that I haven’t been wearing mine for a few weeks now. I felt like it was getting dormant but more importantly I intuitively could feel that it was time for a break. But even with a break the Moldavite effect has not stopped. I leave it on my nightstand and somehow its presence is still actively working in my life. Its beautiful, powerful, galactic energy carries on with your soul once you’ve welcomed its energy to you. It’s hands down thus far my favorite stone. Labradorite is up there as well, another very special stone but that’s a whole other blog post of its own.

If you are ready for big change and feel that you have what it takes to face your fears courageously, then this stone is for you. Also, if you are craving to ascend spiritually, this will take you through higher realms and planes that will inevitably propel your spiritual journey along a heightened path in comparison to where it was before.

Warning: Moldavite will rock your world and cause drastic changes in your life. My one suggestion, as always, is to be open to what it has to offer into your life. It will be for your higher good. Set intentions before you bring it into your life and cultivate intention around how you charge your stone once you activate it and begin working with it. The Universe has many surprises in store for you with this new stone if you do get it. Happy Moldavite journey to you.

Here is the link of a certified website you can order this beauty from:

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  1. when you say drastic changes, I’m wondering how drastic. Does these changes manifest in away that you are facing your fears dead on in the physical realm or are they internal. I carried a little piece with me today and felt happy immediately. I couldn’t believe how happy I was and all my worries went away. I took my stone off and let it charge in the sun. I still feel the effects of it. I personally need to release some fears of trauma in my life. I want to heal from it not have to face it. When I put my small piece in my bra it was like none of this happened. It was nothing for me to fear. Before I even purchased the stone I began hearing voices, I mean I was really open. Now I don’t know whats to come but, it totally calmed me. After everything I read I figured it would be more intense. I know I’m ready for a change,not a good change, an AMAZING CHANGE. I have many crystals that have helped me along the way. This is the one and I know it. Thank you so much for sharing your experience.


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