Energy Healing Through your Chakras

Okay, so lately you’re always feeling afraid or anxious? Let me guess, worrying about things before they even happen (if they will even happen.) This most likely means your root chakra is imbalanced. If this is this case, as many people have imbalanced chakras, this will have a direct impact in many areas of your life.  When your root chakra is balanced and aligned on the other hand, you will be more trusting in the natural flow of the Universe.

The chakras are wheels of energy life force spinning inside of your being. Chakra is a Sanskrit word that translates to wheel in english. There are over 88,000 different chakras around ones body and aura. I will only be talking about the 7 main chakras that run up our spinal cord. Chakras are the active energy prana centers within specific areas of your spine. They can be healed, activated and balanced through breath- which is prana itself. We can actually attune ourselves to be perceptive of these centers within us by being aware of their location along the spine also with using your intuition. Once we practice long enough, it’ll become easy to feel which chakra is out of balance. You will either be able to know this instinctively, kind of like how your instincts will tell you certain things, or you will get signals from your body/behavior showing you which one is out of balance. Although there are many ways to heal your chakras, I’m mostly going to mention methods that are visionary and meditative. But, listen to your intuition as I always invite others to be creative! For your body is intelligent enough to heal itself.

Starting with the first and lower chakra, the root chakra, in Sanskrit it’s called the muladhara chakra located between the genitals and your tailbone. It means root or support. It is definitely the chakra correlated to survival, safety, inner child, and trust as I briefly mentioned above. This chakra usually pertains to your family dynamics and how grounded you are currently feeling, or not feeling, in your life. The inner child is highly associated with this root chakra. The color associated with the muladhara is red. You’ll always want to set your intention before attempting to balance any of your chakras. Some techniques are: plant your feet firmly in the ground while imagining yourself connecting firmly to Earth’s core and clearly see the color classic red. This really helps ground you. Doing this in the earth is the most effective way for grounding. Some people call this earthing, it’s actually getting quite popular- you can do this in the sand, grass, dirt, etc. There’s been tons of research to prove the benefits of barefoot healing : Earthing Benefits

By simply envisioning the color red in your root chakra, while setting the intention to heal this center space,  will help bring it into balance.  You can envision a red wheel turning clockwise in your root chakra during mediation, since the chakras really are like spinning wheels. Kind of like we all have spinning energy vortexes within our being! Imagine that the vibrant red wheel is spinning at a steady rate. At first you may notice the wheel spinning very quickly or very slowly if it is in fact a chakra of yours that is out of balance.

You may also find that this can feel a bit uncomfortable internally. So please do go at a pace of healing that is comfortable for you and be gentle with yourself. I find that especially while healing the lower chakras, I can sometimes feel pretty uncomfortable sensations. This does ease up over time. The beauty about feeling the discomfort while healing is you will have a clear indicator as to when your chakra feels balanced and in alignment with its natural flow. You’ll be able to breathe into it and guide the healing light appropriately. You will feel at ease in that particular area as you send radiant healing light there through your breath. You can also say positive affirmations correlating to the balancing of your chakras to help bring them into alignment. For example, with the muladhara, you can practice saying “I am always safe wherever I am.” “I am fearless and courageous.” “The Universe is providing me with all of my needs plus more. ” “I am capable.”

The next chakra is the your second- the sacral chakra. In Sanskrit it is called the svadhishthana chakra. The sacral chakra is located between your navel and the base of your spine. The color associated is orange and this is the center for your creativity and sexuality. This center focuses on your flow, ability to handle change, emotions and your ability to feel playful. It may feel very dense if it is imbalanced and you will know if and when it is imbalanced as you start to learn signals for each of the chakras to know when one is off. The svadhishthana when it is imbalanced you may notice you have completely lost your sexual drive, you may have emotional overreactions, a lot of codependency, etc. As you begin to heal your chakras, you will notice that you can become very intimate with your connection to them. You’ll be able to balance and align them more and more easily and you will cultivate your personal relationship with how you nurture them. To balance this chakra, envision bright orange light being poured down into your sacral chakra. Do the same practice as the one above until you feel as though the wheel is spinning at a more normalized rate. You will feel stronger in each center as you balance them.

And you can do intuitive things to heal your chakras. For example, one way this chakra can be healed and balanced is through dancing. Dancing is a healer. Let’s say your second chakra is deficient and under-stimulated, you may begin to show behaviors of rigidness, extra boring, lack of curiosity and passion for life or some of the examples mentioned above. (Chakras can be under-stimulated, balanced or over stimulated when it comes to chakras being imbalanced.) Let’s say you want to heal this chakra through dancing, you would ultimately begin to incorporate dance into your daily routine. You will feel so much more open and even flexible in all areas of your life. This will affect your communication skills, your relationships, your acceptance to unchangeable circumstances, and the list goes on. Because your chakras are your life force centers, they have a direct impact on every aspect of your life. You can try to heal this in other ways that make sense such as giving yourself more play time, allowing yourself free range to create something new, or trying something new. When I feel connected to my sacral chakra, I like to identify with it as my sweetness. I honor this through running a healing bath or switching position from teaching yoga and allowing myself the opportunity to be the student in a yummy yoga session. You can shift your perspective to the positive sensations within your experience and interaction with these chakras.

Next is your gut- your solar plexus chakra. This is your power center. Which kind of makes sense. Have you ever noticed when someone you may not like very much walks in the room, you may feel a nudge in your stomach? Hence,  you receiving a gut feeling. Usually when you feel anxiety, you feel it in your stomach area. This is the center that when it is not balanced you are busy giving your power away and lacking in your self-esteem. To balance your manipura, the Sanskrit word for the third chakra, envision bright yellow light. Cultivate the energy of the sun and the element of fire as you breathe into this life force center. Once balanced, you will being practicing cultivating boundaries for yourself. You will have more self-respect which will ultimately affect your self-esteem. You will stand in your power more often resulting in not giving your power away to others. Try wearing yellow or keeping yellow around you. You can try buying yourself some nice sunflowers. (The same goes for all the other colors of the chakras.)

And guys, none of this is one quick easy fix. Sometimes, I do think a chakra can become completely balanced rather quickly if let’s say it wasn’t that imbalanced to begin with- sure. But usually, most of us have 1 or more that need some extra loving and healing on  a regular basis until healed. And you’ll know. You’ll know when that chakra is done being worked with for the moment. Your behavior and quality of life will improve in the area of your life the chakra is associated with.

The next chakra, moving in an upward direction through the spine, is your heart chakra.  It’s located right where your heart center is. The Anahata chakra is responsible for feelings of love, compassion, forgiveness, and a deep feeling of centeredness within. This is also the center for spiritual truth and where  Spirit resides. You can connect to your heart chakra to come from a place opposite of the ego, free from all fear. When the Anahata chakra is imbalanced, you may feel lower emotions such as greed, envy, inadequacy, etc. To balance this chakra, visualize a crystalized color of pink, (or green) as you are breathing that pure pink light in a counter clockwise position right into your heart center. Feel yourself beginning to go deeper into there. What is it telling you? What is it asking of you at the moment? Listen and receive as you flood this healing light all through your body, starting at your heart center. Move with your breath as you envision taking in this healing light energy through the back space of your heart and giving it out through the front space of your heart. If you keep practicing along these lines, you can always add your creative spin, you will begin to notice you’re cultivating more love, less judgement, more openness of others and life, and the ability to easily give and receive. You will feel at a sense of peace within.

Moving up, the next chakra is your throat chakra, called vishuddha in Sanskrit. This is the center for communication, being able to speak your truth and listen with no judgement.  The throat chakra is located in your throat center. It is associated with the color blue. You can do the visualization work as mentioned above while imagining the color blue. You can practice singing, or practice stating positive affirmations pertaining to this chakra. Such as, “I love to share my experiences and wisdom, and I also know when it is time to listen,” or ” I live an authentic life and with integrity. “

You can also always use crystals to heal your chakras. There are many crystals associated with each of the different chakras that are great forms of medicine because their properties will heal those imbalances if you charge it to do so. Click this link to read further on: How to Charge Crystals. For example, Lapis Lazuli is a deep blue metamorphic rock that is ancient and highly associated with the vishuddha. It has been in demand since the royal days in Egypt. Egyptian gods and goddesses were always associated with this stone and King Tut was found buried all throughout his mummified body, casket and face mask entirely made of this stone. Ancient Egyptians were known to love meditating with these stones because they felt as though they were communicating with the heavens and being blessed by them. The stone always has flecks of pyrite giving it a luminous, sparkling effect. Because the stone resembles a starry night, they felt it possessed mystical powers connected to a higher intelligence.

I’m currently working with this stone now and I have noticed remarkable results within my confidence to speak my truth. It also makes you more psychic as the upper chakras are mostly related to heightened intuition. I feel that much more empowered because I am choosing to live authentically and I am expressing my authenticity through speaking my truth. I’m noticing major changes within myself since working with this mystical stone. Can you only imagine how having a balanced throat chakra would positively improve the quality of your life?

Next is the 6th chakra, your third eye chakra, also called the ajna in Sanskrit. This chakra is located right in the center of your eyebrows, also known as your pineal gland in your brain. It resonates with the color indigo. This chakra is associated with your subconscious, intuitive side, the side that can connect to your psychic abilities. When your third eye is imbalanced, you may experience close-mindedness, cynicism, paranoia,  and other mental disorders. When it is balanced, it is open and this is similar to understanding that your spiritual eye has been open. You will have greater insights to the secrets of the Universe, more easily have psychic impressions/clairvoyance and your intuition is going to be on fire! There’s no coincidence the Egyptian eye of Ra is anciently known as being  a symbol of royal power and good health. The Hindu culture takes great notice to the third eye by wearing bindis as a symbol to ward off bad luck and as decoration. In Indian culture, they have been wearing these from the beginning of time.

Different ways you can practice healing or opening your ajna chakra is to envision indigo colored light. Or you can practice meditating, doing yoga, acupuncture, aromatherapy, using crystal medicine to heal you by using specific crystals for this chakra such as clear quartz, or even lapis lazuli again. All of these will assist in opening your third eye more and more. You may even start to feel it lightly vibrating in the center of your brow sporadically as it begins to open for you.

A few positive affirmations associated with this chakra can be “my thoughts are clam and peaceful.” “I am trusting my intuition.”

The highest and seventh chakra in our body is the crown chakra, also known as sahasrara in Sanskrit. This is known as the thousand petal lotus flower because it is symbolic to enlightenment. It isn’t so far fetched to reach the more you meditate and enhance your spiritual wellbeing. What will happen is most likely you will experience more and more moments of bliss even if it’s for a millisecond. The color associated to the sahasrara chakra is violet or white. Envision the lotus in your crown center, right in the soft center part of the top of your skull with violet sparkling light is being poured into you. Kundalini yoga is excellent for working and balancing this crown chakra.

A few positive affirmations associated with this chakra are “I am connected to Source Energy.” “I inhale the light of wisdom, truth, and the divine.” When this chakra is imbalanced you will most likely feel a disconnect from Source and a blocked intuition. Try spending time out in nature as this usually quickly speeds up our spiritual connection to the Divine.

Getting your chakras into alignment and balanced has limitless rewards. You whole quality of life will increase as you work on balancing these life force centers within you. You will begin to let go of old stagnant energy, know your inner self, tap into your inner strength, spiritual, physical and mental fitness, deeper intuition, more expression of your truth, inspire to turn your dreams into reality, live a life you are happy living.

A really great way to heal through your chakras is through yoga. I share more about healing through your chakras in my yoga eBook: A Self- Love Experience where you can find here:–a-self–love-experience

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions or leave any comments. Happy chakra healing lovers. Xoxo!

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