When you Feel Insecure, Use That as a Signal to Try to Love Your Unique Self More.

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We all have insecurities. I promise you are not alone in this. And it feels horrible. I am so grateful and happy to say I’m nowhere near as insecure as I was growing up. For most of my life I suffered from severe insecurity. It wasn’t until about 7 years ago when I began my self-love journey that the healing really began for me.

And even though I healed through the deep rooted wounds of my insecurities,  because I’m human, insecurities will always come up. I had an excellent therapist named Ed Gibson who always said ” Vanessa, everyone has insecurities, it’s just about how you deal with them when they come up.” See in my opinion, I think it’s beautiful that we are all masters of our own minds and can totally take charge of where our focus goes.

Meditation really helps with mind control. The more you meditate, the more you learn how to be aware of your thoughts and direct where you want them to go. “Self- discipline, or self-control, means taking possession of your own mind… Take charge of your life. You are what you think. Direct your thoughts, control your emotions, and ordain your destiny!” Napolean Hill., The Law of Success.

We all have it within us to decide how we’re going to choose to feel about ourselves. Even if it seems impossible at the moment, that’s our own doing. At every given moment, especially with the responsibility of being an adult, comes the opportunity to shift and alter how you think. This to me is one of the greatest gifts of being human.

So look it’s simple, no need to overcomplicate it. 1. Understand that your feelings of insecurities are natural and every single person you encounter experiences this emotion from time to time. 2. You can always change your thinking from feeling horrible and shitty about yourself to focusing on why you love yourself. Clearly you love yourself if you’re still here. I’m a firm believer in this, that if you truly did not love yourself at all, you would have killed yourself a long ass time ago. And as common as having a suicidal thought is for every single person, you chose not to cop out. This tells me that a part of your soul wanted to be here. Or else you wouldn’t be here.

Trust that. Next time insecurity arises, think of all the reasons why others are not you. Not suggesting that you are better than others, it’s not about that. I’m suggesting you take honor and pride in your unique being the Universe Created You to be. Another beautiful phenomenon I love about life is the fact there there is no other person like you in the world. That really is your superpower. Tap into what it is that makes you special in your own way; and own it!

Sure maybe you remind others of someone but the reality is, there is no other person on this earth with your exact energy. No other person with exactly what you bring and with what you have to offer unto the world. So what’s there not to love? There is no perfect person anyway, so why aim for false hopes in something that doesn’t even exist?

Choose today to start to love yourself more. Choose to be compassionate with yourself in this journey. Choose to be gentle with you. And tell yourself the next time insecurity comes up, because it inevitably will, “I understand this is how we’re feeling right now but I am choosing to change that. I’m going to love myself. I’m choosing to think positively about myself. I’m going to love that my heart is tender. I’m going to love my quirks, my curves, my style, my intelligence…” Maybe it’s the way you love to hold doors open for others. Maybe it’s the way you handle business meetings at work. Who knows maybe you love that you help your grandmother cook during the holidays.

Man love you. Nobody is going to be with you longer than you. That’s a fact. So take the responsibility to take charge of your destiny like Napolean states and control your thoughts.

Choose to start this process now as the last moment has passed already and will never return. Everything in your past is obsolete. And it’s okay if you don’t remember to do this the next time insecurity comes up. You’ll have more opportunities to love yourself more, God willing; you’ll live a long and healthy life.

Cheers guys and happy more love! Xo 🙂

We can all do it if we tap into the infinity within our souls.










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