Far from the Usual

Ever felt like you were different from others? Like an oddball- outcasted. Maybe it’s because you are different. I know I can relate. My whole life, I had close friends tell me “Vanessa, why are you so different?” I didn’t even really know what they meant because I was just being me. But maybe it was because of the whole package of what makes me me. Maybe it was the way I looked, the fact that I was always very philosophical, my style, the way I speak, etc. And I used to feel bad for being so different until I real-eyes-ed that is  all of what makes me special and unique in my own way. Everything from the things I’m into, to how I’m spiritual, to places I’ve been to, or the way I ponder about life are not really like most people around me. We all think differently for example. And I’ve really learned to appreciate and stand tall in that. How boring would life be if everyone was the exact same anyway?

The thing about astrology and the way planets align on the specific date, time and place you were born plays into every factor of what will make you you. Not to mention all the genetics you receive from both parents comprised to make you you. And let’s not even get into the whole convo about how your soul carries over from lifetime to lifetime and how your personality may shift only slightly, however there are elements to it that will carry over into lifetimes as well. Seth Speaks is a really great reference for all of this kind of talk: Seth Speaks- The Eternal Validity of the Soul.

The truth of the matter is you are who you are because you are. This is what makes us us and apart of this beautiful creation called life. What I find the most beautiful about it all is that you chose to come in as you are for reasons your Higher Self knows of and for reasons your soul chose as a way to evolve. We each sign contracts with our souls when we choose to be born into this particular lifetime. Why not believe in your soul? Why not trust in that knowing and love yourself so much that even if you are different from most around you, you choose to still feel good about you? Like really feel good about the essence that makes you you. You’ve got nothing to lose. Why care about people’s opinions about you? They can all go fuck themselves.

At the end of the day, this is your life and it’s all up to you for what you make of it. In all reality, you come here alone and you will exit alone. There is no need to fear what others may think of you when they won’t be the ones spending the most time with you. It will be you doing that. So might as well truly relish in all that makes you you and really enjoy it all. Something I find very beautiful about life is that there is no other you. There is no other person on this planet with your exact same energy or DNA.

I love this quote by Dave Grohl that states “No one is you and that is your power.” This is so true. If there were times where I felt insecure in a relationship for example, I would remind myself of this quote and it instantly made me feel more confident in my unique self. Because it’s true. So basically, no one can ever essentially compare to you, you know? It’s not always so bad to be different than the “norm.”

What is normal anyway? We are all multi-dimensional beings anyway, so why not explore all that makes you uniquely you and indulge?!

Dude, all I’m saying is, you’ll be so much happier the more true you are to you. Be different, be you. U are art. 😉

Choose to stand proud in the unique energy that makes you you. And smile while you’re at it. You get this one chance (lifetime,) to be you. 🙂







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