Healing your Inner Child

I honestly believe everyone needs to do this as an adult. I believe it is everyone’s personal responsibility to heal himself  or herself . It’s an ongoing thing, this bonding thing you begin to cultivate between your inner child and yourself.

Even if you don’t feel like you have been truly traumatized while growing up, you have been hurt. You are human. And there is no way to really measure the level of intensity of pain someone may feel regardless of the circumstance. Someone may have been raped and someone else may have lost a teddy bear that meant the world to them, the trauma can very well be just as brutally as bad in both circumstances depending on how a person interprets it all. Someone could have been called fat and ugly just once in their childhood, and that phrase could have wounded them so badly that they grow up hating themselves to the point where they kill themselves.

Put it this way, it’s up to you give yourself that which you did not receive when you were younger. Whatever that may be. Nobody had the perfect childhood and there are things you may have needed that you did not receive- and that’s okay. You’re here now to share those things with yourself.

 This child  version of you is still always very much apart of you. And the more you go on living your life as though you don’t need any healing in that area is the more disruptive your life will be due to your lack of attention to your inner you. You know how kids get when we adults ignore them. Well how do you think your inner child feels if you forgot all about them since you were that age?

Many people have deep wounds, and a heart that does not heal its wounds ends up becoming poison. At the end of the day, if you choose not to look at the wounds of your inner child, it is you who will suffer more. The beautiful thing about being human is we have the intelligence and ability to do amazing healing through ourselves! Why wouldn’t you want to heal you? I’m not trying to come back over and over to learn the same stupid lessons all because I was too stubborn or scared to heal. I love this one quote by Frida Kahlo (who was veered as being the strongest woman during the Mexican revolution as she endured yet transferred most of her pain through art, ” I hope the exist is joyful. And I hope to never return.”

What is really the point of being alive if we are not evolving?

I know I don’t want to keep coming back to learn the same lessons I was too stubborn to learn before..

It’s time to reconnect now. It doesn’t matter how old you are now, now that you are ready to reconnect with him or her. What matters is that you are connecting. You are bonding. I will list a few steps below of examples of how I bond with mine. The good thing is there is no right or wrong. This is purely between You and you. As long as your desire and intention are there, that’s all that matters- love is there.

  • Telling her I’m here with her. Really taking the time and space to connect with her. Even if it is in silence. Simply spending time together in spirit.
  • Showing a sincere desire to heal the parts of her whose needs were not met.
  • Doing a visualization where you go back in to a time where they needed you and you can better understand the wounds to then come from a place to better serve them now, even if it is through visualization. Doing this is filling for the soul.
  • Coming from a place of compassion, asking her for forgiveness (especially from neglecting her and not bonding with him or her sooner. )
  • Sitting in silence, asking her if she needs anything from me today. Even if it’s a barbie doll, or a big juicy burger. ( I was told to go get a pink dress recently, so I have it in my closet hanging up now :))
  • Doing this on a regular basis and honoring her regularly.
  • Showing her and telling her that I am proud of who she is.
  • Allowing her support into my life.
  • Add a photo of your inner child somewhere you can see on a daily basis. (A wallet or in your room works great.)
  • Write a letter to them.
  • Get a childhood favorite toy or something similar that you know he or she would enjoy.
  • Decorate your room with colors inspired by him or her.
  • Paint, color, draw, dance, play, laugh.
  • Follow your curiosities and passions, they usually stem from an innocent place.
  • Ask if you can hug him or her.
  • Engage in activities that you remember you loved doing when you were younger. Let them live through you today 🙂

You can try all or some of these, whichever inspires you. You can get creative with this!

What you’ll find is that your inner child will begin to support your adult version of yourself more and more as you support him or her. This is an important tool for you to utilize to thrive in life.

Growing up I was never really disciplined and I see how that serves me. In one sense, I have a of fearlessness and an innate essence of liberation. On the flip side, I can see this show up in areas of responsibility. I’m so far from irresponsible, however there are a few specific areas I need to work on where I could learn a thing or two about discipline. So I’m definitely looking at this as a positive challenge and really something that will ultimately make me better.

I will say I feel much more whole and within my being. I am grateful for having reconnected with her and building a new bond.

I hope this peaks your interest in bonding with your inner child. They’re there waiting for you with the biggest heart you have ever imagined.

P.S. Check out my youtube channel for a correlating video on this topic: http://www.youtube.com/uareart

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