Tips to Get Out of A Funk When You’re Feeling Low

  1. Real-eyes it’s okay to feel this way. It’s a natural part of life. (So is the part about wanting to get out of it.)
  2. Do things that specifically uplift your spirit. Such as yoga, being outdoors, walking barefoot (it’s been researched that earthing has great benefits.) Think “self-care,” and do those things. For everyone it will look different. It could be a bath, massage, turning off your phone for a few days, taking a staycation or vacation.. you get the point. These are rejuvenating things that will not only give you what you need but will  gradually lift you up out of whatever funk you are experiencing.
  3. Positive affirmations and positive self-talk. Try giving yourself real compliments at least 3 times a day. (I have been doing this recently and I am seeing such positive shifts in my self-worth and overall mood and relationship with self. ) You can speak positively to yourself all throughout the day really. Such as “I am spreading radiant light wherever I go.” ” I am an amazing human being.” “I am worthy of love.” “I am good enough.” “I am growing.” “My life is wonderful.”
  4. Meditate. Meditating every single day will not only make you more mindful and present but it will also make you wise as to the situations you are facing. You will recognize more clearly that all will pass and this is only momentary. Before you know it, it will be a new moment.
  5. Be appreciative. Find things to be grateful for. You can easily be grateful for the food you eat, the sunshine, the health you do have, the loved ones you do have, etc. If you have trouble doing this you can leave little sticky note reminders around your house. (I stayed at a beautiful reclusive house temporary and the tenant had notes all over the sink faucets stating “I am thankful and grateful for water.”) Something as simple as water can be shown gratitude. Not everyone has the same opportunities you may have. No matter how bad things may seem at the moment. Most of the time, it’s all in your mind anyway.
  6. Spend time outdoors. Nature is truly a healer. If you don’t want to take my word for it, go spend time outside, give yourself real time to take it in, and see how nature makes your spirit feel. I heard a wise friend of mine named Earl once say “Everyone thinks we need to heal Mother Earth, but I think She’s really here to heal us.” And I could not agree any more. Another powerful message I once heard from a man I met on a tiny island called Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles.. he stated “the closer you are to nature, the closer you are to God.” It is so true! Whether you believe in God or not, nature does bring you closer to Source, which always lifts up your spirits.
  7. Let your feelings out. Whether it’s talking to a friend about how you’re feeling or if you’re writing out your feelings in a journal- letting out your feelings is always a healthy thing. I have learned the harder way that if you bottle everything inside it kills you. It does not help one bit. So let it out & let go. The new is always upon the horizon!
  8. Laugh. Even if you have to force yourself to laugh. Shit fake it till you make it. Even if that means having to laugh at yourself for the drama you are making in your current life story. Sometimes this can bring acute mindfulness and this can liberate you because you are able to see clearly- that this life is all but a game anyway, it’s all temporary, so why take yourself or others so seriously?



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