Welcoming the New with Open Arms! Hello New Journey!

Thank goodness for a winter solstice every December! It is when the moon cycle is on our same transitional cycle as we let go of the old and bring on the new. Talk about supportive moon energy on all of our sides!

We really begin to bring on the onset of winter during the solstice where our nights become extra long. And shortly after is the new year. This is a very emotional and spiritual time of transit. Especially after connecting with loved ones and possibly getting triggered or with the resurfacing of deep wounds that are needing some healing. Usually this time of year presents us with the opportunity for extra comfort and TLC. Whether this is through spending time with loved ones, indulging your sense of taste in decadent deserts, or spending time alone and nurturing oneself.

With reflecting on how the previous year went it is such a relief to some degree to real-eyes it is all over and one can release all that has come before them. If the year was great then it is a relief to know that more is to come and it is all a mystery. That is the magic of it all. The new moment has yet to come, but you know it’s coming. Let that marinate for a bit or in every present moment if you’d like. This is how you can taste magic and the true presence of being fully alive.

Although the holidays are usually considered “the crazy time of the year,” it is still full of very long nights and very introspective energy and transformative energy if you’re open to it.. It’s time for more rest. More slowing down. Taking in what really matters in life. It is comparable to hibernation as these colder months (even in energy,) are among us.

This season is particularly known as the planning months, months to create. The seeds you planted in summer are not harvesting yet but they will be soon! As the new year approaches us, why not choose to welcome it in with open arms for what is to come and has not appeared yet. That is something to be excited for. Especially if you set positive intentions for the new year, start to begin to feel into that energy before manifestation even occurs. Begin to tap into the galactic field of consciousness that already contains an abundance of what it is you would like to manifest and envision yourself with this harvest in your life already. Taste it, feel it, breathe it. This way the energy is rolling and you are already tapping into the galactic field of what you are create in your life.

Every new year is like a birth. Or I should say like a rebirth. Death of the old of what has passed and a new birth of what is yet to come. Let go of what no longer serves you for your highest good, which is ultimately for the highest good of all. We all thrive when one  rises.. when one heals.. when one take better self-care of their needs for the evolution of the being of all.

Purge in ways that are unique to you. All of these help one to begin on a clean slate with a fresh perspective as the new year opens up for an abundance of potentiality. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Go to healing gatherings that call to your soul.
  • Find a healer. Someone skilled to support your healing and transformation into the new year. (Good news is if they’re any good you can take this support into the new year with you and at the end witness the results.)
  • Journal. It is time to be introspective.
  • Get your creative juices flowing.
  • Go to the sauna.
  • Create a vision board.
  • Ask for what you want.
  • Go to the hot springs or another therapeutic option such as get a massage.
  • Take salt baths. (Salt is very cleansing and works as a repellent and detoxifies a great deal.)
  • Spend time in nature.
  • Spend time bringing yourself comfort. Drink warm drinks, laugh, connect with loved ones.
  • Rest.
  • Let go. Release. Cleanse.

Let go of fears. Face your fears so you may walk through them confidently. So that you may walk into the new year fearlessly.  Not being afraid of the goals you set for yourself for fear of another year of procrastination. No, walk in with so much courage that your arms are open wide for how the Universe will support you and uplift you on your journey this year.

Like Natasha Bedingfield states in her song Unwritten, “feel the rain on your skin, no one else can feel it for you, only you can let it in..”

Happy manifesting. Happy winter solstice. Happy New Year.

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