Meditating with Kids in India

Meditating with the children at the Kushi Charity school in Rishikesh, Indai- the yoga capital of the world was Amazing. Just take one look at their faces and you can see total bliss and endless peace that lies within them. Maybe it’s the Himalayas, maybe its the Ganga River running through all of Rishikesh, maybe it’s the 2,000 Ashrams within this tiny city or the history of monks who lived in caves for years to gain Self-realization.. I’m not sure, my guess is it is all of it. The energy here is of supreme high frequency. I also believe this type of peace just runs in their blood. I believe these things can be ancestral, you know?

These children here are living in some of the most destitute underprivileged conditions you could imagine. Their school is 100% sponsored by donations and sponsors.

Through the help of the community, we were able to raise funds to get these children new school supplies, a wide range of American books, and guided meditation on their rooftop!

Better World Books, Naropa, Equinix, Shine Restaurant & Potion Bar plus all the contributors, donors and volunteers helped make this happen. Coming together as community can do a lot.

The children here are so talented. The Khushi school puts the children through a vocational program so that they can at least learn a trade if attending college is not in their plans.

They are intelligent, sweet, and full of light! The name Khushi means happy 🙂

You never know what kind of difference you can make in the world. Be the change you wish to see. Create change. Start small or start big, whatever you choose, just make sure you start it and complete it. Buddha says if you real-eyes the power of giving, you’ll never let a single meal pass without sharing some of it in some way. I’ll soon have an e-book out of how to accomplish a goal from start to finish and how to keep dedicating yourself to forms of achievement. Oh yes, and don’t be afraid to be proud of yourself and give yourself some credit for being an amazing version of yourself!

To donate directly to Khushi.. click here:

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