The Art of Letting Go

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So many people struggle with letting go. It’s like when we’re small and children, it is easy to let go. Every moment is a letting go when we are children. We experience one thing and then comes on the next thing or the next experience. A lot of it is about being present such as a child is always present in every moment.

When you are present you can move with the notions as they come along. When you are sad, you allow yourself to be sad. When happiness comes along, you allow yourself to feel happy. This however can only be done with someone living in the present moment.

I also believe a lot of letting go is setting the intention to let go. Choosing to let go of past moments and leave them in the past where they belong, since the moment has already passed, allows one to let go more easily on a regular basis.

Aside from choosing to be more like a child in swaying with the notions as they come, I highly recommend following what Doug Marman suggests to do. He is a revolutionary spiritual leader who suggests to stay in the “not knowing,” state of mind. To constantly be in a state of curiosity and bravely stepping into the unknown is an excellent way to “let go.” In the state of mind of welcoming the unknown, you are not really holding onto anything “known.” You allow yourself to be consumed by a state of aliveness.

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Thanks for listening and happy journey learning to let go.

It’s all a learning experience anyway 😉

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