Working With Plant Medicines

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So far, I have been pulled very strongly in the direction of working with plant medicines. This is for sure a huge aspect of my shamanic path as a healer. While I have a lot to learn and a long way to go, the plants have made themselves clear to me and what my mission is with them.

For the past year 1/2 I have been working intensely with Psilocybin (magic mushrooms,) Mambe and Ambil (coca powder and tobacco concentrate,) Wachuma (San Pedro,) Rapé (tobacco snuff), and Ayahuasca.

A lot of these plant medicines are just now being backed by scientific research. It’s like finally! But we still have a long way to go.

I mostly work with these medicines by microdosing with intention. These plants are all viewed as teachers because they are here to show you what you are not willing to see.

A special shaman/maestro I sat with during an Ayahuasca dieta, named Jose, described the medicine as a detective. Because you can live your whole entire life hiding from what you don’t want to look at, with this powerful plant spirit- there is no hiding.

Ayahuasca has transformed me drastically and in my short life I have gone through profound trauma! I am grateful for the ancient wisdom of these powerful teachers.

Now, I will say that when working with these powerful spirits, it is highly important that you are humble and sincere, or these powerful spirits will humble you. It is important to have great reverence and respect for these plant spirits because they have ancient wisdom and they do not Have to help you. It is also important to acknowledge the power they bring with humility and not with ego. That is not why they are here.

Our American society has not taught us how to appreciate plant life, the essence of plants nor the fact that they are living entities. In indigenous cultures they have understood the power and the healing capacities of these plant spirits who are here to help humanity.

All of these plant medicines have been used for centuries with profound healing benefits. They are known to be powerful tools and allies to help those would who have been wounded along their path. They say one ceremony with Ayahuasca is comparable to 10 years of therapy.

While these plant medicines can help people on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.. a lot of it is up to you.

When I work with these medicines, I always do so as a ritual or in ceremony and with deep intent, not only because I respect them but also because deep work is happening. None of these are fix it pills. It is for you to take what these spirits show you and then do the work yourself. Someone doesn’t do Ayahuasca and then go back to how everything was. These spirits are allies and can be viewed as a tool to help you along your path. The change has to happen from you and with intense vigorous internal work.

One’s soul needs to be ready before working with these powerful plant medicines. It is definitely not for everybody in this lifetime. Some people need to evolve in a few more lifetimes before being ready to receive this sacred wisdom from these plant medicines.

Trust me when I say that you will know if you need to work with these plant medicines. They will call you.

I will add that now with the popularity of these medicines, it is very challenging to find an authentic maestro. I would suggest to pray to the Universe to ask It to guide you to the right source.

Happy plant medicine journey to your path of deep healing and transformation. Thank you for listening. Feel free to leave comments, like and follow; Xo

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