10 Tips to Become More Spiritual

Spirituality is necessary if you believe that we are all spirits having a human experience. Tapping into the spiritual realm and connecting to your spiritual nature only makes sense if you are into the whole self-love, self-care, and self-actualizing way of life. Here are a few tips for ways to grow your personal spiritual practice:

  1. Follow your intuition. Whatever you want to call it- a hunch, your gut feeling, the energy you pick up, vibrations… these are all ways for your Higher Self to communicate to you and guide you along your path. Here’s a secret, the more you follow your intuition, the stronger it gets. The more accurate the information will be and you will begin to identify your intuition more clearly. It’s really about tapping into your feminine nature and the more fluid parts of your being. The intuition is also a great aid for processing logic. I like to think a good recipe is logic plus intuition and you have your answer.
  2. Pause. Find times to slow down. Even if you’re walking to your front door, take a moment to not be in such a rush throughout the day. Literally, take a moment to take in the roses or the flowers that are in full bloom around you. Take moments to meditate and connect. Connect to your inner self. Connect with how you are feeling in the moment. How is your mind? How is your heart? How is your healing? Look at what’s around you in the present moment. Don’t just let life pass you by. Let your spirit engage with life. Allow your self the space to let life in.
  3. Do things that Raise your Vibration. For example, envision golden white light being poured into your being from the heavenly realms. Allow yourself to be immersed in golden white light and allow it to penetrate every single one of your cells. Connecting to things of positive energy will raise your vibration. You can send light and love to others, creating positive visions for others and yourself will raise your frequency. Creating a meditation practice for yourself will also allow you to deepen your spiritual connection. You become more aware
  4. Receive Healing. Everyone has gone through trauma in one shape or another. This is like a tune-up. Your spirit is like a car, if you don’t maintain it- it will break down. Let your soul guide you to what kind of healing/ healer is best for you but do allow yourself to receive these enlightening services that are out there. Your spirit feels better after a good healing. And healing can look different for everyone. It might be a massage to one person, or a reiki energy session to another. Someone can find healing from seeing a medium for a reading.
  5. Connect with Your Heart Space. Choose to drop into your heart when you are existing in the world. When you are speaking to others, speak from your heart. When you are listening to others, listen with your heart. When you are being authentic, you are connecting with your heart. Through your heart you learn your truth. Merging the heart and truth is aligning yourself with your spirit.
  6. The Only Guru You Will Ever Need is Yourself. All of the answers are within you. Your soul always knows what is calling to you. It always knows what is best for you. The more you connect to your Higher Self, in Sanskrit it is known as Atman, the more you connect to the all knowing Self within you is the more you connect to the Guru within you.
  7. Change your Diet. I’m not suggesting for everyone to become vegan, but rather take on a healthy diet. Comprise yourself with clean foods. You are what you eat. The more alkaline your diet is, the more light you are internally. The more pure.
  8. Be True to You. Just don’t be a follower. Follow your soul. Really get to know your soul by following what it’s into. Explore. Your soul came here to express itself- allow it. Whether it is expressed through dancing, painting, writing, or burning incense and getting into a vibe, it is communicating with you. This is your spiritual relationship.
  9. Explore Different Modalities that are Easily Accessible to You. If you are low-key drawn to crystals but you really don’t know where to start, explore a metaphysical store one day. There might be a lot that you may find in there that is meant for you to  find. Maybe you’re curious about getting a psychic reading done, ask the Universe to send you to the right person. There’s a reason why these thoughts come up. People have resources. Look into creating ritual or sacred moments where you can connect with yourself and Source on a deeper level. Spend time in nature as Mother Earth is a healing tool for us to connect with- with reverence of course.
  10. Follow the Signs. If you allow yourself to open up to the way the Universe communicates, you will realize how much guidance you actually have all around you. We are never alone. There are confirmations all around us if you only look a  little bit more closely.

There’s so many more tools, I simply listed a few. I hope this helps you along your path.

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