How to Connect with Your Power Animal

In shamanism, there are power animals, or compassionate beings we sometimes call them, that are from a different realm and are connected to a higher universal consciousness. Because they are able to connect to a universal consciousness at a greater capacity than we can, we are blessed to be able to have access to these divine beings.

We all have these power animals. We are even born with them. Ancient shamanic traditions speak of the fact that if children did not have power animals with them, they would not make it through their childhood. Some people have one power animal with them for the entirety of their lives, others may join- or not. Usually a certain animal will make itself present in your life when you are going through a significant time.

For example, you may be going through an intense period of transformation and all of a sudden you keep seeing an animal that represents this such as a snake or a dragonfly. Or you may be entering a period in your life where there is nonstop movement and advancement in your career so cheetah comes along the way to accompany you. Or on your walk every morning you keep seeing coyotes, this may mean that it is time to bring a little laughter to your life but also learn how to be a bit cunning.

People usually see signs of their power animals if an animal catches your attention on a billboard or on someone’s shirt. Basically you weren’t looking and all of a sudden, the image of this animal has caught your attention… That’s how you know.

I believe it is truly important to always have reverence for these animals and to honor their sacredness. They come to us with wisdom and divine intelligence.

These power animals are really here to help give you power. In shamanism, we call it being power-filled.

They are so loving and full of such energy, their presence will be undeniable.

You will know when your power animal has crossed your path. Sometimes, they stay for a week, a few months to get you through a certain season or they stay for the entirety of your life.

A few ways to connect with your power animal once you know it has crossed your path is to pull up photos of it throughout the day so that you are connecting visually to it. You can also place a photo of your power animal on your desk or somewhere you can greet it daily.

You can talk to it. You can get to know your power animal, just like you would an imaginary friend or you can do so in your heart. It will hear you.

You can look up the symbolism of your specific animal on various sites and youtube videos to really tap into the energy this compassionate spirit brings into your life. You can also create a ritual for your power animal where you dance to it and make sounds and body gestures that represent this entity as a form of honoring it with reverence.

Stepping into this practice can be life-changing.

There are deeper ways to connect with your power animals through shamanic journeying.. if you follow my Instagram account @vanessasoulxo, I do regular shamanic journeys there live and give more information about what the shamanic journey entails.

If you have a local shaman, I would definitely recommend seeing one to be given your power animal in that way.

I clearly remember the first time I received my power animal I went to see a shaman for the first time. I went for a soul retrieval but she ended up also giving me my power animal. She had me lay down and the shamanic drumming went on. After our session, she blew the energy of my animal into the crown of my head. This is a symbolic way for the person to receive their animal. Another symbolic way to receive is to bring your hands into you hard space as through you are welcoming and letting your power animal in.

My power animal that she gave me was a black bear which represents healer. This was very fitting as I too am a shaman. Check out this youtube video where I go into more details about my soul retrieval experience:

I hope this helped. Happy power animal journeying 🙂

If you want to contact me for spiritual coaching or shamanic healing sessions, you can send inquiries to




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