Healing Our Transitioning World

The world is currently in crisis. It would be a lie to say differently. All of our systems are in need of reform. Every single one of them, you name it- judicial, church, school, Government, organizational, etc.

A new world is currently on the verge of emerging due to the catastrophic state of our global condition.

Change is happening whether we want it to or not. Mother Earth cannot sustain itself this way any longer. Crisis is having to happen because nothing else is getting our attention. People are still operating on such a low frequency such as littering left and right for example, yet Mother Earth is on a whole other frequency. She’s waiting for us to catch up to that wave.

We can only be so cruel for so long until the switch flips. The scale has been tipping over in the patriarchal field for long enough and now balance is needing to happen.

The feminine needs to be brought in to balance the toxic masculinity we have all been swimming in. Don’t get me wrong, patriarchy was and is necessary. It has brought us this far and we have accomplished a lot as an evolution, yet we have such a ways to go.

I truly believe in the sacred masculine. This is the representation of masculine energy demonstrated in a different way than we have seen. It is not hierarchy and power-hungry based. It is rather balanced with the sacredness of the divine feminine.

(In ancient spiritual tribes, transgendered and lgbtq people were revered because they were considered as being balanced. They weren’t treated with hatred, they were honored for being comprised of being “two-spirited.” )

This is why the divine feminine energy is needed to help restore earth, it is necessary to help bring Mother Earth into balance. Hence the current Age of Aquarius we are collectively entering on December 21, 2020. Hence the humanitarianism that has arose this year. There will be more.

This is a whole other vibe we are entering. Age of Aquarius is fluid, it is of a more feminine energy than the patriarchal energy that has created the world you see today- shattering.

We are entering an innovative time, one where we will have little to no choice to focus on healing Mother Earth. This will require us to focus on healing ourselves first and foremost. It’s interesting this pandemic has forced people to face themselves whether they wanted to or not. This is not light work, but it is worth it. Healing is definitely more of the feminine energy.

Healing our world is going to require us to humble ourselves. It will require us to give our technological minds a little break and focus on more natural ways to move forward. This will look like pulling resources from indigenous ways that have proven to be sustainable and resilient.

The world is shifting whether we want it to or not, the least we could do is respectfully see what has worked in the past. The indigenous folks had a lot figured out before colonizers came and abolished what was.

Taking the time to learn from some of their ways with how they connected with Mother Earth for example, could be beneficial to our new world we create.

This new world that is currently on the verge of emerging will require us to continuously create new ways to connect with ourselves in deeper ways. Engaging in diverse ways systematically and truly making the conscious effort to heal on a massive level. Taking the time to raise our frequency so that we can keep up with evolutions watch.

We still have so much work to do and we are only just beginning.

Take the time to start with yourself.

See what parts of you need healing.

In my opinion, we all need healing. What steps are you currently taking to heal during these times? Not just yourself, but within your interpersonal relationships and with the Earth?


  1. I try to slow down and be more mindful.. Mindful of how my actions or inactions affect those around me. ..I try to hear others out before flipping.. Just small things. How i get through the time honestly..is with some smoke. It is very mellowing and sobering at times..and allows me to step back out of sometimes destructive feelings.. But even with doing these small things.. i want more..more over time. Want to be more to give more. =) Gonna try this


    1. I think this is the single most important thing in life in my opinion. We would have such a much more beautiful healed world if more people thought and acted like this, or even just tried. Thank you for your beautiful comment, Xo


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