5 Ways to Increase Your Frequency & Your Vibration

WE are currently undergoing a paradigm shift where people are starting to wake up. Why not get on the bandwagon if you haven’t already and start raising these frequencies. It not only benefits you but also the greater collective consciousness. And if you have already, increasing your energy will only make everything better.

1. Start incorporating things into your daily life that are of higher frequency. Such as yoga, exercising, whatever is your form of choice of moving your body. This gets your stuck energy moving. This also can allow you to connect with your mind, body, and spirit together. One great way to do this is before your exercise practice begins, think of an intention you want to dedicate your practice to. This intention begins to permeate through your cells and expand through your entire aura. Not only do you become what your intention is, because you are breathing it, you become infectious.

Also it’s really good to fill your day with different forms of self-care such as writing, taking a bath, or cooking food it that gets you in the right mood. If those things make you feel good about yourself, do them. This will help raise your frequency.

2. Eat healthier. Start literally putting better things into your body to elevate you to a higher frequency. Eating raw for example can give one a lot of energy. So even if you don’t go as extreme as “raw,” going as close to natural foods as possible will still raise your frequency.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Also being mindful of what is going into your body energetically. I met a woman recently named Charity Faye who said it is about the soul food you are eating. Are the things you are doing feeding your soul?

It is about you not abusing yourself. It’s about you not constantly drinking, doing drugs, eating junk food, talking about “friends,” behind their backs. Those are all of lower frequency, you can feel it just by thinking about it.

What are the conversations you are having on a regular basis? Who is the company you are keeping around you? Choosing to be mindful of putting in good food for your soul which will benefit you physically, mentally and spiritually.

3. Start having self-respect and create healthy boundaries for yourself. I recently read something that said when you create boundaries not only is it healthy for you and for others, but it also creates a sense of self-respect. Not only respect for yourself but also respect for others.

4. Practice awareness. The mystics of the East talk about this. There is a still presence that is constantly present and it’s simply that most of us are stuck on auto-pilot that we don’t take the time to ask. However, when you bring awareness to a situation, your frequency automatically raises. You begin to relate to the present moment from a higher place.

5. Connect to a Higher Power/ Source/ The Universe/ God/ Jah/ Allah, whatever you want to call the same essence of Source energy. Building a relationship with the Creator can only bring you to a higher state of being.

When you connect to the Higher Power, you connect to a deeper part of your soul, to the higher Self within you, the one that is one with God and with all that is.

Where do you go to connect to your heart space center? That is what you want to connect to on a daily basis. This takes your life to another level and honestly makes it better when you are connected. You begin to learn to have more gratitude, more love, more compassion, more joy, all of these things.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Choosing to follow these steps allows one to operate on the frequencies of a celestial being which I truly believe we all are.

Thank you for reading, comment below, follow 🙂

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