Road Tripping Across America

This is definitely something I would recommend everyone trying at least once. Even if you don’t go all out like how they do in the movies and drive a classic droptop with a group of a lot of friends stopping and partying in every city. Or some people explore a new city each day. We did it pretty straight forward but it had a nice little treat. Basically, my friend Gerald and I drove from DC straight to Sedona, Arizona, then to the Grand Canyon and from there to Colorado. He was dropping me off there as that’s my new destination for the next two years. I’ll be obtaining a masters degree and starting my healing practice PT. Once we dropped my stuff off in Boulder, Co, it was time for Gerald’s flight back to DC.

I thought it was so badass that I was blessed to have such a kind friend to do such a thing. The special treat I was referring to was Sedona, Az. I know Gerald and I both were highly anticipating that trip and it really was all that we could have asked for plus more. The drive was so beautiful. Especially seeing all the drastic changes from state to state and city to city.  The change in the color of rocks, the totally different vibes, food, people, animals you see off the road, culture, the list can go on. The beauty about traveling across America is you see how much we have. This country and land is so abundant. And when you stay put in one city, it’s hard to see all that’s out there other than the world we see on TV.

There’s so much more than what we think in our minds. I’d say my favorite part of the trip was the magic we experienced in Sedona, Az. I’ll get into that a bit more in another blogpost but the red rocks and the vortexes are full of energy. The whole place is like one big vortex since it has so many resonating their energy all around the small town. And because we are all spiritual beings, we can all feel this type of energy if we allow ourselves to be open. As you travel across America, it is a form of union that begins to happen between you and nature, between you and the spirits of Mamma Earth. You not only feel connected to Her but it naturally expands you. Personal expansion is always a great way for the evolution of your soul. And quite honestly, if we aren’t evolving our souls, then what are we even doing here?

I feel like when you travel any great distance, it inevitably resets you and turns the page for you or at least  gives you a pause for some reflection time. Especially if you make that effort with intention.

I say all this to say, do it. Hop in a car and go see the Grand Canyon. Go see Iowa, go see Utah. There are some freaking crazy beautiful sights to see on this Earth and in our country of America alone. May you have happy journeys and safe travels as you embark on a trip of a lifetime. Why fly in a plane every time, right?

*I have more photos of my trip on my Instagram:


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