Microdosing has become a trend in the more recent years and there is still not much research on this phenomenon. Many Silicon Valley tech heads are known to do this and it’s popularity within the community has not slowed down.

What is microdosing? It is taking a very small amount of a normal sized dose of psilocybin or LSD to help increase your mood and creativity. So essentially you don’t feel nearly the same effects of a normal full trip. You are fully functional, with a heightened sense of awareness in my opinion, and the effects are sub-perceptual.

I took it upon myself to practice the James Fadiman’s protocol taking a small does every fourth day. So on one day, off the next, off again, and then on. (Repeat. ) I would take about an eighth of a gram of psilocybin for about 2 years.

For me, I have noticed many benefits and it has truly been a reflective tool and something that is more spiritual than anything else.

I think this is such an important aspect when working with plant medicines specifically. It is a spirit that you are engaging with and connecting with in a very real way. This is a sacred opportunity because the plant medicine’s spirit is a tool. It is medicine. By revering its essence with respect and sacredness, you are honoring it for its presence in your life. By showing gratitude and practicing this experience with intention, you will be surprised at how much healing can happen in your life.

I recommend starting every single microdose first with setting an intention. If you have a clearing agent such as a smudge stick, sage, palo santo, or even incense, I would recommend using this as well to cleanse the space. Make this your own ritual and a ceremony if you will. Indulge in the sacredness of connecting to the spirit of psilocybin itself with deep reverence.

While there is hardly any research out there, I am not suggesting that there are no negative side effects. I will however speak on the positive effects I have personally noticed when including this practice in my lifestyle.

I have noticed it has helped with my depression. I experimented going a few weeks without to see what changes I noticed, if any… to my surprise I noticed I was feeling apathy when I stopped taking my doses. I was feeling less balanced hormonally. I was feeling less balanced in my emotions. And I noticed an increase in anxiety. This was a huge distinction for me. I went from feeling pretty happy quite often to just complete apathy. Or increased nervousness/ anxiety.

Somehow, microdosing has honestly given me a well-balanced mental equilibrium. It has worked for me. I find that I do better when I am consistent with microdosing rather than starting for a few months and then stopping for a few weeks, etc.

I recommend journaling while partaking in this practice. Allow yourself to truly go deeper within yourself. Psilocybin can be a great ally on your healing journey. If you are looking to heal yourself, this can help.

Take the time to look within, and make this a priority when working with psilocybin, meditate while you microdose. Connect to your inner center. Connect to your feelings. Connect to the lessons this spirit is trying to show you. Because trust me, the lessons/ mistakes will show up when you microdose. This is okay. It is revealing these things to you so that you may grow. Go with it. Learn from it. Be gentle with yourself while you are doing this sacred work.

I hope this helped or gave you some insight. I am not claiming that psilocybin will cure any illness by any means.

Happy magic mushroom journey folks. Please comment about your personal experiences microdosing 🙂

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